UsPLM develops integrated, scalable drone fleet management solutions for UAS operations

UsPLM Is A Software Company

We provide end-to-end solutions and consulting services to UAS operation centers, UAS manufacturers, government agencies and research scientists who are involved in developing and operating UAS fleets.

The Problem

Efficient and safe UAS operations require secure data management and smart decision support systems for mission planning, execution, monitoring, real-time data analytics, and regulatory compliance assurance.

Currently the tools available in the marketplace for UAS operations are highly scattered.

Challenges UAS Operation Managers and Drone Pilots Face

  • Managing heterogeneous asset data: physical components, computational algorithms, flight logs, maintenance history, incident reporting, relevant documents
  • Efficient resource configuration (appropriate UAVs, payloads, algorithms) and service consultation (weather, traffic, regulation) for mission planning with uncertainties
  • UAS real-time data processing and analysis, as well as multi-UAV operations
  • Prevention of and forensics analysis for accidents and incidents

UsPLM is Developing the Future of UAS Operations

UsPM has built service-oriented architecture (SOA) based, enterprise-scale software that can:

    • Support industry standards to increase data communication among various subsystems and external services

    • Provide intelligent, dynamic mission planning and risk assessment algorithms to mitigate mission uncertainties

    • Maintain a mission “Digital Thread” connecting UAS lifecycle data to facilitate forensics analysis and assure regulatory compliance

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